Offering of bffi


Token for Sale

Total is 20,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS,  30% for Sale

Pre-IPO 10%,  Nov 1st to Dec 20th

20,000,000 BFFI TOKENS, 1 USD for sales.

IPO 20%,Feb 1st, 2020 to Apr 1st, 2020

40,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, 2 USD for sales.

Expected to list on NASDAQ in April to July 2020.


Token Distribution

30% for sale

15% for team

10% for marketing and partners

15% for social preparing

3% for consultant

17% for company preparing


Use of Proceeds

10% of offering expense

9% of marketing

30% of working capital

20% of product development

10% of administration

21% of salary

About Our Token ipo

Our Offering Statement in SEC

BFFI OPTIONS (BFFI) is a special type of securities issued by BFFI GROUP INC and applied to the SEC, ERC-20 as a standard equity securities. The ratio of BFFI OPTIONS to BFFI common stock is 1:1 and enjoys the basic rights of common stock. BFFI has submitted relevant documents such as prospectus to the SEC.

For more information, please see the BFFI GROUP INC public document: 

BFFI GROUP INC prospectus: 

BFFI OPTIONS Certificate:

Our Offering Starting

The BFFI offering will probably start on September 15th to December 20th . The Minimum investment amount is 1000 USD.

After approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, we will update our prospectus. The future prospectus will determine the trading market for BFFI Securities.

Our Broker-Dealer

We are still negotiating with companies and platforms with qualified qualifications. After confirming the cooperation, we will release the press release form and content, and announce our partners on Partners.

Investor registration

BFFI GROUP is preparing to sale BFFI OPTIONS.

We accepted U.S. Dollars and USDT. 

If you want to buy the token, please finish the form and send your USDT to our address.

We will confirm your purchase and will pay you BFFI Tokens within 24 hours.

BFFI is priced based on the US dollar. Investors who invest in USDT will be confirmed directly by the US dollar.

Join in our Token Sale

Pay by USDT (OMNI)


Address:  15fic1jc1VmviLXWCEaFCL1EqhwBs6ST6f

  Attention: This address only supports receiving from USDT. Please do not sent other coins! 

USDT/BFFI   will be adjusted according to our offering stage.



Pre-IPO 10%,  Nov 1st to Dec 20th 

20,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS,  1 USD for sales

IPO-Tier 2 20%,  Feb 1st, 2020 to Apr 1st, 2020 

40,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, 2 USD for sales