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United State


As we all know, the United States has the largest financial market in the world. Whether the company focuses on marketing or legal security, compliance in the US is quite remarkable.

The US digital currency trading platform license is issued by the Fincen office of the US Treasury. Up to now, Coinbase, Gemini, OKEX, Huobi US, Poloniex, Bittrex and other world-renowned trading platforms have registered MSB licenses in Fincen.

The MSB license for BFFI GROUP INC is now approved. For more information, please visit

License authority includes

Dealer in foreign exchange (Include Forex Trading), Issuer of money orders, Issuer of traveler's checks, Money transmitter (Include cryptocurrency Exchange & E-money Insititution), Seller of money orders, Seller of prepaid access (Include Debit Card), Seller of Traveler's checks.

Our Service


(1)MSB license application

(2)Handover of government legal documents

(3)Contact with US Treasury

(4)Document review and translation

Price: $22,000

Time: 30 days


(1) Establish a US company and apply for the EIN of the US Internal Revenue Service.

(2) MSB license application.

(3) Establish a US corporate document secretariat to store and manage copies of all MSB files and all data reports during MSB licensing.

(4) Customized anti-money laundering compliance records policies, procedures and control documents.

(5) Instruct the company to handle compliance issues, including anti-money laundering, provide suspicious activity reports, currency transaction reports, currency exchange record management, and company employee compliance training.


Time: 30 days

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Introduction: On November 27, 2017, the new anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing law, which was enacted in accordance with Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and Council, entered into force in Estonia. This Act allows companies with the following special licenses to provide services related to cryptocurrency and virtual value:

1 Provide virtual currency exchange for legal currency services

2 virtual currency wallet service provider

Our Estonian Crypto-Currency License Service

Normal: Obtain two encryption licenses: a service that exchanges virtual currency for FIAT currency and virtual currency wallet services. 

The price includes two types of licenses and state fees. The entire process takes up to 40 calendar days, but may be faster. 

Price €8,500 

Maintain registration fee: 0

Premium: Normal+

1, Estonian company registration

2, AML(Anti-money laundering)&KYC

3, Operational compliance

Price €10,000

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